How Real Estate Consultants in UAE help sellers maximize property value?

  • 7 months ago
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A first-time event across the globe, Covid-19 impacted every sector of society – Real Estate included. With ceased global travels, non-oil economic drivers and other critical factors back then the investors stepped out from investing in the Real Estate Market. However, UAE local and federal government were quick and timely to step in, as they rolled out wide range of strategic measures and financial support packages. Collectively, these efforts enabled the country to reopen for business as early as June 2020.

The most important thing for prospective real estate investors to consider are the economic catalysts that will propel UAE forward in the next decade in terms of economic sustainability, diversity, stability and ultimately – livability. Backed by supportive and forward-thinking UAE Government, the appeal of UAE’s real estate market is enduring. With so much that has been around… “A Real Consultant is no longer a premium service provider but a necessity”. In order to stay relevant and informed in the surging Real Estate Market of UAE the services of a good Real Estate Management Consultant are primary. They not only understand the pulse of the market but also the volatilities involved, their advisory services are therefore unbiased and helps the sellers maximize property value in numerous ways.

  • Property estimation and valuation:

Valuation on the real estate property is one of the most critical aspects of selling as it is the most sought feature by a potential buyer. Hence arises the need of property’s price estimation and valuation for which getting an accurate home appraisal is one of the best methods to increase the selling price. The real estate consultants help to appraise the properties basis the context of location, current market trends features-amenities, developers’ credibility, neighboring facilities, ease of connectivity’s and futuristic projections.

Obtaining an accurate appraisal on which you can base your reserve price means that all serious offers will reflect your property’s value. This will ultimately raise the overall selling price as soon as competition comes into play. A Real Estate Consultant is your go to person to help your get your property appraised on justified grounds.

  • Promote properties through right channels:

With the advent of online property listing portals, social media platforms and high-end sales launch events; real estate inventories are at a reach of wider audiences in just few clicks. To ensure that the seller gets to sell his property at a right price to a right audience these marketing and promotional activities by the Real Estate Consultant plays a great role. Real Estate Consultants typically have extensive networks and various tools available to market your property effectively while maximizing the amount of interest throughout the market. These marketing mix techniques attracts the buying decision of potential buyers positively. And when you see your property is in high demand you can gradually appraise the price of your property.

  • Unique Negotiation Techniques:

Once the marketing/promotional activities start generating leads; NEGOTIATION plays one of the most vital role in closing the deal. Real estate agents live for negotiations, as they act as both as an arbitrator and representatives to get the best possible outcome. Higher the selling price better is the commission for a Real Estate Consultant; hence he strives to equate the price benefit ratio for the mutual benefit of the buyer and the seller. Deep market knowledge and strong inter-personal skills enables them to appraise the property price in its best capacity

  • Risk Mitigation:

Real Estate Consultants are also your trusted risk mitigators. Their thorough market analysis pertaining to the geography, economy, development progression helps them take informed and timely decisions as to when would be a best time to sell a particular property mitigating all the market risks. This expertise is when availed by a potential seller, he sure is to be able to overcome any price appraisal loss.

  • Smart Spokespersons:

Real Estate Consultants are your go-to-approach and spokespersons when you want your property’s features to be highlighted in a unique way to a right audience. They help to identify the unique selling features and value, review development options to maximize marketability and guide regarding design, pricing, marketing and exit strategies. They have their own smart ways to elevate or highlight a particular property’s features which a seller by himself may not be able to do so. This unique value proposition offered by the Real Estate Consultant definitely helps the seller to quote a higher ask price for his property.

Freehold ownership, 10 years resident Golden Visa, Smart Home Features, Beach Front or Island living experience, Branded residential luxury apartments are some of the key value propositions trending currently in the UAE.

  • Diversified Culture and Language Expertise:

UAE is an epic example of how welcoming it is in hosting expats from across 200+ nationalities. With such diverse population in UAE, Real Estate Management firms hire consultants from multi-cultured backgrounds. This gives them an advantage to understand the emotions and requirements of a potential buyer originating from different nations across the globe. This advantage further works in the favor of the seller as he is able to reach out to the who’s-a-who audience which would not have been possible otherwise to optimize the price of the property. Home buying process is a very sensitive decision hence needs to be handled with utmost care and affection that comes through language and culture connect.

To summarize, when a Real Estate Market appreciates it contributes to a progressive growth of the country’s economy and Real Estate Consultants in UAE are gradually proving themselves to be significant Growth and Change Agents. They have revolutionized themselves from a traditional broker title to a technology and growth driven industry partner. Property sellers thereby have started to implicitly rely on them directly or indirectly to appraise the value of their properties on sale!

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